Why Interview Tools?

As a professional who has been on both sides of the interview table it is clear to me that the interview is a horrible tool to assess the cultural fit or potential value of a candidate. I repeat its a terrible, no good very bad way to assess talent, but its the best thing that we have.

Interview Tools - The community that helps you land your dream job.

After participating in hundreds of interview sessions at Fortune 500 companies and discussing what makes a great or awfu

l interview with colleagues we all agreed that the state of the interview is at an all time low. The industry has been trying to fix this with video

s resumes, portfolio websites, social profiles and an army of consultants, but we are still lacking.

This is where Interview Tools comes in! Our goal is to provide a community where we can help each other by providing actionable advice, tools and support to help you get your dream offer.

We are just getting started, but I invite you join and share your best interview advice or maybe a horror story of two as failure is a learning opportunity as well. Together we can build Interview Tools into a community that helps everyone walk further down their career path toward their dream job! Lets do this.

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